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We love to deliver maths educational mobile apps

Maths MCQ

Enjoy our range of quiz apps, including Maths Quizzes, Logical Reasoning and Amplitude.

Online Battle

In this feature you can invite your Google Plus friends to play with you or choose the Quick Game option where the app automatically chooses a player for you.


In this multiplayer option you can play with your friends or family on a single device. In this feature there is two options available : True or False and Maths Quiz.

Single Player

You have 20 seconds to solve 10 simple maths problems. After you have completed a level, the next level gets more difficult but the time also increases. One wrong answer means game over!.

True or False

In this app there is two options available for play True or False Game: 1. Single Play & 2. Multiplay. In this feature there is one sentence of maths and two options: True or False.

Enhance skill on Aptitude

Aptitude is developed knowledge, understanding, learned or acquired abilities (skills) or attitude.

Why You’ll Love Our Maths Apps

Maths Skill is designed to check how fast your brain can
calculate and solve complex maths problems.
It can be easy to solve maths problems but when we have to complete a
range of problems under a time limit then our brains are more likely to make mistakes.
You can also invite friends to play online.
We also add aptitude section for competitive world.
Our Maths apps offer:

  • Real Time Play
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Google Game Services
  • Attractive User Interface

Next Generation Maths Education

With the increasing use of technology within education, today most people spend their time playing game with mobile or tablet devices. With our maths apps, anybody can enhance or test their maths calculation ability and also human mental ability by solve aptitude test. We tried that people engage with maths and get interest in maths problems.

We tried to include all types maths problems and Solution with attractive way.

Tricks and Tips

We all know that people mostly hate maths but in real life we require the calculation at any field, So we provide all types of solution for that with simple tricks and tips. We provide tricks and tips for a complex problems in mathematics. Also include formula and their related examples with category wise. So anyone can learn and solve any maths problems easily. So anyone can learn and solve any maths problems faster and easy way.

One should study maths simply because it helps to arrange ideas to solve the problems.

About Maths Skill

Maths skill is android app for all maths lover and also for people who want to learn. We tried to add all types of maths problems. For basic learning we also add maths formula(categorised), So user can easily learn and solve problem quick and fast way. In this app there are lots of features: puzzles, tricks and tips ,quiz question, aptitude test, online game, magic maths, fun game, multiple choice question, time limit,etc.

The most loveable functionality of this app that you can compete with your friend by play multiplayer and real time game and also compare your score with your friends through leaderboard. So Are You Ready to be crazy with Maths??


Maths Skill

Maths Skill

Maths Skill

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